It takes talent, dedication, and persistence to achieve what we have set out too.
Fortunately, we have all three of those things within our development team. 

With the team that we've built, we have absolutely no doubt that we'll be able to deliver on everything we plan to, and more. 

Dennis Savic (CEO) 

Dennis is the Founder of Savic Motorcycles. Since his early highschool years, almost every decision he has made has been with a focus on achieving his goal of build his own automotive brand. 

Combining Dennis' formal eduction (B. Mech. Eng. & MBA-Corp Fin), his experience in the automotive industry, and the knowledge he has gained from all his mentors and advisors, he is well poised to lead the company through to production and beyond. 


Anthony Yang (CTO)

Anthony has over 10 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles. Anthony is responsible for overseeing the power train development and its production readiness. 

Anthony is based in Taiwan, and liaises with all our Taiwanese power train component suppliers to ensure that we are able to build a high quality and scale-able product. 


David Hendroff (Concept Designer) 

As the owner of Hendroff Designs, David has helped the Savic Motorcycle team develop and future it's product portfolio. As a passionate ex-rider, Dave has been sketching and drawing motorcycles since the 80's.

With his experience and significant input into every aspect of our motorcycle development, Dave is, and will be a key player in the company's success. 

Ben Wilmoth (Mechanical)

Ben joined the project in his final year of University, and his passion for motorcycles has resulted in him not being able to keep away! A highly talented young engineer who can develop sophisticated CAD models, develop drawings, and wander over the workshop to weld up concepts. 

Ben's primary focus has been to facilitate the prototype builds and discover how we can improve the design to make it more efficient.

 Jarrad Mclean (Mechatronics)

With Jarrad's experience with developing and assembling electrical components, we were able to develop and assemble the prototype power train. Another avid rider on the Savic Team who is passionate about what we're trying to achieve.