From the CEO...

Mentors are absolutely essential to, not only an individual's professional development, they're also important for the support you need at the earliest stages of building a company. A company is a collection of people after all.

The team and I have been lucky enough to not be alone in our journey so far. The business wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't surrounded by diverse, experienced, and supportive mentors.

But these inspiring people are more than just advisors and mentors, they're friends.

Below is a breif summary of their experience, and how they continue to contribute to the organisation, and it's preparation for growth. 

For fun, we've added the story of how they became involved in the project. 


Enjoy :) 

Dennis Savic 


Riccardo Pagliarella

Industry & Technology

Starting off in Melbourne, Australia, Riccardo's career took off overseas in Formula 1, becoming a highly respected aerodynamicist. After Formula 1, he was involved in the development of the Tesla Model S. After leaving Tesla, Riccardo moved back to Melbourne and worked in Toyota's power train research and development team.

As a non-exec director of Savic Motorcycles, Riccardo brings a wealth of experience is guiding the company in getting ready for production. 

Riccardo has agreed to become a non-executive Director to support the business in it's next stages. 


When Dennis (CEO) was in first or second year of Uni, his dad spotted an add for a conference. It was the 2011 Cars of tomorrow conference held here in Melbourne. Dennis' first conference. 

It's at this conference that Riccardo and Dennis met. Dennis was blown away by Ricarrdo's experience, and absolutely pestered him with questions. Riccardo was kind enough to introduce him to all the other professionals at the conference. 

They have stayed in touch ever since, have become good friends. 

Ben Ingram

Sales & Marketing

Ben's impressive resume is only surpassed by his passion for motorcycles and building vehicles. Over the last five years, Ben built and sold Tquila, one of the most successful marketing and Sales force service companies. 

Ben is helping Savic Motorcycles develop their branding and customer experience systems. 

Ben has agreed to become a non-exec director in the company's next stages to support our future customers in having the best experience they can possibly have.


When the organisation first moved to melbourne, the CEO was staying with some family friends. A friend of a friend, has a daughter, whom turned out to be Ben's partner. 

After meeting at a BBQ, Ben and Dennis hit it off, sharing their passions in building vehicles. Dennis was in awe of all the projects Ben had completed over the years, and eventually learned of Ben's sales and marketing skills. 

Sue Williams

HR Expert

Sue is a highly experienced professional in the HR field. Having built and sold a number of her own company's, her experience extends beyond purely HR services to business management and management consulting. 

Sue has also coached a number of high calibre CEO's, providing invaluable guidance and support as a voice of reason for Dennis. An incredible mentor and friend that has immeasurably helped the organisation's development. 


Dennis was still in his third year at University, when one of his best friends ask him if he would like to make some cash over the weekend moving his mother's friend's furniture. This friend was none other than Sue. 

Over the course of the day, Dennis realised that he had a lot to learn from Sue and asked if they could catch up so he could ask a few questions. 

Their relationship has grown into a friendship that will last a lifetime. 

Brad Smyth

Early Stage Investor

As the owner of Corporate Equity, Brad's experience consists of a long term career in commercial property, and numerous early stage company investments.

As an advisory board member and an investor, Brad bring invaluable input on the company valuation and investment strategy. 


When it was time for the business to move out of the founder's parents' garage, Dennis began calling around to identify garage spaces that might have been available to lease. 

At the time Brad was leasing a car bay, which was mistaken as a stand alone garage. When Dennis mentioned he was working on a project, Brad became intrigued and they caught up for a beer. 

Brad taught Dennis the invaluable lesson of how develop and to plan the long term investment strategy amongst many other things. 

Brad became on of Dennis' first investors. 

Geoff Pocock

Corporate Advisory

Geoff has extensive experience in corporate advisory. From board governance, investment strategy development, capital raising, and IPO preparation.

Geoff brings an investor voice to the advisory board, and a voice of reason when discussing the investor market, and "sellable" value of the business. 


One year, Dennis was holidaying in Croatia. It was on this holiday that he spotted a book that he then decided to read. This book was Friday Night Lights. A story about an underdog gridiron team, that inspired Dennis to give the sport a go. 

Geoff was the defensive coach of the Perth Blitz gridiron team at the time, and this is where they met. After a couple of years, Dennis learned of Geoff's experience and asked if he wouldn't mind sharing some wisdom on the Savic Motorcycles Project. 

Geoff became on of Dennis' first investors.  

Andrew Throssel


Andrew has extensive experience as a commercial contracts lawyer and is a partner at Hotchkin Hanley, a Perth based legal firm. 

Andrew has facilitated the establishment of the IP contracts been all the Savic Motorcycle team members and service providers. 

As an advisory board member, Andrew has facilitated the development of the legal plan/strategy for when the company is ready to move to the next stage and commence production. 


Though UNI, Dennis attended a number innovation and entrapreneurship information sessions at the Innovation Center of WA (now closed). Pia Turchinov managed the center at the time and facilitated many of the conversations and panel sessions that Dennis attended. 

Dennis and Pia stayed in touch, and caught up one day once Dennis started his first capital raise. Andrew happened to be Pia's husband. They both came to the workshop that Dennis was working out of and were impressed at the progress the team had made while being self funded. 

Andrew became on of Dennis' first investors. 

Andrew Stewart


Andrew is currently a finance broker at ... 

His historical experience however includes managing an engineering company that outsourced production components to India. 

As a motorcycle enthusiast, Andrew provides valuable input into the business at an advisory level when it comes to product specifications. 


Andrew and Dennis met at function and networking event towards the end of 2016. They quickly bonded over their passion for motorcycles and stayed in touch. Over time, their relationship grew and Andrew agreed to become a part of the advisory board.