Founder Edition Deposit

On the 23rd of November, Savic Motorcycles unveiled it's C-40 Concept Prototype of the C-Series Product Line. 

The company only made 10 Founder Edition units available for order in 2019, and had 16 expressions of interest within 48 hours. 

We are now working closely with our first 10 customers to ensure that we deliver full satisfaction, and a vehicle that captures the imagination. 

Performance Specs

Power: 60kW
Torque: 120Nm
Range: 150-200km 
Charge Time: 4-6 Hrs
0-100: 3.9 Sec

Power Train

Power train Enclosure
Savic Designed
Stressed & Liquid Cooled
Battery Pack:
Pack Capacity: 7.5kWh (Base)
Max Voltage: 150 V
Peak Current: 400A (Peak)
Upgrades Available
Savic Designed
Peak Power: 60kW
Stressed Chassis Member
Liquid Cooled
Sevcon Gen 4 Size 4
Fully enclosed in PT Enclosure
Liquid Cooled Heat Transfer Plate


Front Frame
Rolled Back Bone Tube
Savic Designed Subframe
Proprietary Single Sided Swing-arm
Tubular Construction
Concentrically mounted

Body Work

Powertrain Cover
Fiberglass Painted (Base)
Carbon Fibre (Option) 
Aluminium (Option)
Rear Cowling 
Fiberglass Painted (Base)
Carbon Fibre (Option) 
Aluminium (Option)
Lower Fairing
Fiberglass Painted (Option)
Carbon Fibre (Option) 
Aluminium (Option)

Suspension & Steering

Savic Designed (Base) 
After Market Options will be made available

Savic Specified Rear Shock 
After Market Options will be made available

Triple Clamps
Billet CNC Machined Triple Clamps
Design modifications available

Handle Bars
Billet CNC Machined Clip-on Handle Bars
Upright Rider Bars Available
Metal 3D Printed (Option)

Wheels & Tires

Savic Designed Billet CNC Machined (Base) 
Carbon BST Rims (Option) 
Spoked (Option)



 Rear Sets
Billet CNC Machined (Base) 
Metal 3D Printed (Option)
Design modifications available

TBC (Base) 
Bar End Mirrors (Option) 

Front Lighting
Dual Headlight
Day Time Running Light
High Beam / Low Beam
Fork Mounted Front Indicators

Rear Lighting
Rear Cowl LED Strip Stop Light
License Plate Holder Mounted Rear LEDs

License Plate Holder 
Billet CNC Machined

Base (TBC)
Motec C127 (Option)

For those that are ordering a C-FE, please ensure that you are satisfied with the sales terms and conditions.