Happy New Year!

Firstly, to all our supporters, mentors, and investors who saw us through in 2018, thank you. Without all of you, we wouldn't be where we are today!

So, what did the company, that no one knew about, actually do in 2018?

We set out to achieve four key milestones;

1. Develop a concept prototype

2. Develop a supply chain
3. Develop a business plan
4. Develop a compliance plan

and how did we go? 

The team is super proud to be able to say that we fulfilled these promises, on time, and under budget. Which actually allowed us to do more with our resources.

But we also managed to...

- Launch the product and company at Moto Expo
- Commence production power train development (more blog posts to come on this)
- Evolve the team for 2019
- Obtain Orders for 7/10 C-FE Models
- and develop a 2019 Media Strategy 
- Develop a product Strategy 
- Refine our financial modelling 

So what's in store for 2019? 


Our theme for this year is to "Get Operational". This means that we actually plan on using the supply chain we built in 2018 to deliver our first vehicles, dubbed the founder editions. 

Only 10 of these will be made, 7 of which have already been ordered. 

We will now be working with investors to ensure we have enough capital to deliver on our commitments for the next phase of our company's growth. 

Key Milestones

1. Build Production Prototypes
2. Execute our test plan to ensure safety and warranty
3. Obtain ADR Compliance Plate Approvals
4. Launch at Moto Expo 2019 (hopefully with test rides available)
5. Deliver our 2019 orders
6. Accept orders for 2020