Order Process. V1.

The purpose of this blog post is to detail our vehicle order process. 

We like to make sure that we're as transparent as possible with our customers and keep them as up to date as well can! 

The first thing I'll say, is that we're a young Australian business. This means that we're still learning and growing within a new market that most companies don't know how to navigate through. There is no doubt that the process that we're currently using will evolve (hence the "V1" in the title).

What you see below is our order process and the result of trial, error, and great customer feedback to date. We have also included an explanation of each step to highlight why we are innovating in this way. 

Step 1: An EOI is submitted. 

Expression's of Interest. These are great. Anyone who is remotly interested in potentially purchasing a vehicle can submit one, and tells us which vehicle in particular that would most like to buy. 

These are great for two reasons; 

1. There is not commitment required from the customer. 
2. Whether you're interested in buying a vehicle or not, it provides Savic motorcycles information with great market feedback on what types of vehicles are most preferred by potential customers, and is critical to the success of our business. We appreciate the support! 

If you are genuinely interested in purchasing a vehicle, you are then able to purchase a build slot!

Step 2: Purchase a build slot ($100)

Purchasing a build slot tells us that you're pretty interested in a bike and would like to be contacted to discuss the details of your order. 

We have more EOIs come in than we know what to do with. We initially thought we could be calling every single person, but it's just not possible with the size of our team. 

The reality is, is that not everyone is actually interested in buying a vehicle at this stage and just want to be kept up to date on our progress. So if you're genuinely interested in purchasing a vehicle, buying a build slot tells our team just that, and we will get in touch with you. 

Step 3: We give you a call to confirm your order. 

We like to give our customers a call. Why? because we want to make sure that you have one of the best customer experiences you could possibly have. 

We want to make sure that we are in touch, and keep you updated ever step of the way. 

It's also a great way for you to ask us ANY questions that you've got. We will do our best to answer them, and probably will be able to (as long as it's motorbike related!). 

Should you wish, we will also walk you through our order terms and what documentation we will need from you to proceed!

Step 4: Lock in your pre-order ($1,900) 

To lock in your pre-order and be able to tell you your vehicle build number we will need a few things. 

First, we will need a signed copy of our order terms and build form. These are legal documents that help us move onto the next phase. Your build form actually goes directly to our operations team once submitted, and they soon after start their inventory checks and buy more parts should we need them!

Secondly, we will need to receive an order deposit. While this is fully refundable should you change your mind before we kick off production, it confirms your commitment to purchasing one of our bikes. 

Step 5: Progress Payment ($4,000)

Once this payment, we can kick off your build!

This helps us make sure our stock levels are right, and we have the ability to buy any necessary parts we might be missing. 

Our promise to you is to keep you informed on how your vehicle build progresses from there and send you photos as we go!

Step 6: Final Payment & Delivery

How much is the final payment? 

Well, at this stage you would paid a total of $6,000 for your build, and at the start of this process we would have provided you with your vehicle price. 

So the final payment = Final price, minus, all monies paid to Savic Motorcycles. So you only pay the difference. 

Once the final payment is made, we will be able to schedule pick-up/delivery and arrange a day / time that works for you!

Financing Options

We hope to offer financing options in time, and will keep you all posted on when it becomes available.