Jasmine Kemp - Marketing and Social

When Savic Motorcycles contracted Jasmine Kemp in May, we had no aspirations beyond providing our growing number of followers with regular updates and info on Facebook and Instagram. Three months on, we’ve been delighted at how this quietly-spoken Perth native has lifted our online profile into the stratosphere.
Jas has been a branding expert in WA since 2013 – making a name for brightening the prospects of hip local venues like Campus Perth and Hostel G. Last year, she decided to consolidate her specialty in social media, and has quickly established Kemp Digital as a go-to place nationally for targeted social media marketing.
While she’s made a name for powerful Facebook ad campaigns, Jas understands the minutiae and the metrics of every social channel, and knows how to chase specific audiences across Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and targeted email campaigns. “It’s a precise science,” she says. “It’s a careful mix of psychology, creativity and statistical evidence… that’s all I’m saying!”
Jas’s services are not just about getting her clients noticed. When she established Kemp Digital, she put “ethical” at the top of her mission-list. She not only wants to help clients get their products and services before the right audiences, but to make sure those audiences are getting a great product, at a fair price, which will genuinely improve their lives.
“Savic Motorcycles are my dream client,” says Jas. “The bikes are beautiful, high-performance machines that will appeal to the most demanding aficionados. But more than that, they’re powered by a sustainable source that holds the key to our future transport. I’m absolutely stoked to be part of this team!”